Oct 10, 2009

Surgically Modified Toes

Moment like this make us proud. Organizers in Hungary have convened the world’s first beauty pageant for devotees of plastic surgery. Hence, one of the most amazing press releases of all time:

“Among the ever overbidding and confusingly diversified beauty contests now a unique novelty is born. The first competition that is not afraid to go with the flow. Here, women who had plastic surgery show the world that beauty operations are not the work of the devil, that they can be natural and tasteful, and that perfect beauty can be even more perfect.”
One contestant even had plastic surgery on her toes. Meanwhile, the winner, 22 year old hostess Reka Urban, walked away with the crown and a new apartment in Budapest.

(Before you ask, Nancy Pelosi and Tara Reed were not contestants. Damn.)

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