Jun 2, 2009

Trans-slavic custody battle goes bad

What happens when a Pole and a Bulgarian marry, have two kids, things go sour and they battle over custody?  See footage below.

The backstory, according to the Polish press, is that the Bulgarian court gave custody rights to the mother of the two kids.  But the father won't let them out of Bulgaria, where they have been living for the last year since the court decision.  The mother decided to come and get them herself.  Knowing she was in for a fight, she armed herself with the Polish consul general, a translator, a representative of the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice, a judge, a psychologist, and a social worker, all of whom were escorted by the police to the father's home.  Neither the reason of law nor social science could convince an angry group of bystanders at the father's residence, who attacked the whole delegation.  The mother was able to escape to the car with her daughter, where the crowd continued to attack the car, according to the Polish consul.  The son mysteriously disappeared.  


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Oh this is just sad.

(Except for the size of the entourage.)

But very sad.

nikolov_websites said...

mr Author, can't you see the kids screaming while the woman in violet( which is not the mother) grabs and drags the girl... and can't you hear the piercing cry "Pomosht!" (Help!)by the girl when pushed as luggage in the diplomatic car... if this was your child? couldn't you smash the people involved?..... think!

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

That's why the author posted the video. It is heart breaking.