Jun 25, 2009

Does anyone else feel like Kyrgyzstan is a total playa?

According to the New York Times, Kyrgyzstan’s Parliament ratified an agreement today to allow the US to maintain operations the Manas Airbase. The US will now pay $60 million annually for use of the facility, up from $17.4 million under the previous arrangement.

You might remember that Kyrgyzstan had opted to stop allowing the US to use Manas, when Russia had promised Kyrgyzstan something 80 manillion dollars and I think all of Jupiter's moons (no source available on those numbers). So how does Russia feel about this latest decision?

Russia has so far refrained from criticizing the measure, calling it Kyrgyzstan’s 'sovereign right.' But the Russian daily Kommersant quoted an unnamed Russian official as saying this week that the deal had surprised Moscow, and that an 'adequate response' would be made.

Something tells me that next year, the US might pay more than $60 million. Can we end the war on terror already, because I could really use some health care?

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