Jun 23, 2009

Take the train

If you live in Lithuania, Poland, or Romania, you're really better off taking public transportation to move around. A recent study by the Brussels non-profit European Transport Safety Council indicates that the roads in those three central and east European states are the most dangerous in the EU.

Kudos to Estonia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, and Lithuania for making the roads safer. I'd like to know what was up with Latvian roads in 2001, but good work on getting the numbers down so dramatically, even if it's as dangerous there as Bulgaria. Speaking of Bulgaria, what's with the increase in mortality? Poland and Romania...apparently even high profile road deaths make no difference either.

Seriously, I'm taking the train.

1 comment:

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Oh sweet Lord...driving in Bulgaria.

I tried meeting death with my eyes closed, and my eyes open.

Both methods are terrifying.