Jun 9, 2009

Ukraine: Repeating mistakes since 2005

From the New York Times (as if I need to actually give a reference, as if this isn't general and accepted knowledge): Ukraine is incapable of forming coalitions!

Pani PM Yulia acknowledged Sunday night that talks to create an alliance between her party and opposition forces in Parliament had collapsed, putting an end to her plan to undercut her former ally, Pan President Viktor the Orange.

In a televised address, Yulia said she had hoped to build a broad coalition to address the economic crisis. Then she accused the Parliament opposition leader and former PM, Pan Viktor the Blue, of betraying her.

Are there no soap operas playing in Ukraine anymore, that Tymoshenko, Yanukovych, and Yushchenko feel the need to continue this ridiculous plot line on television? All that's missing is a love child and Maury Povich to conduct the paternity test. Come on, Ukraine!


elmer said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on there a minute, pardner!

This was not about forming a coalition. This was about changing the Constitution, and about the division of spoils of government.

There were secret closed-door talks being held for a year, when word of them finally leaked out.

One of the major changes would have been for Parliament to elect the President, rather than direct elections by the people.

Another was postponing the next regularly scheduled Parliamentary elections for 2 years.

There were other doozies, including clamping down on the press.

Why was it necessary to change the Constitution to deal with the economic crisis? Beats me - you tell me.

This was all about oligarchs seeking to continue their stranglehold on Ukrainian government in "peace and stability."

So they could continue their corruption in peace.

Ukrainian government is not about government - it is about a small group of oligarchs and their hired servants using government for their own private gain.

You might read Taras Kuzio's articles, or Ukrainian Weekly, for more accurate information.


Ern said...

Okay, I flew off the handle. But I was in fact talking about the complete inability to form a coalition of any kind. Pani Yulia claimed she was trying to form a coalition - perhaps a secret shady one - but a coalition none the less.

My beef is with this environment of pure politics in Ukraine where nothing gets accomplished because these three can't seem to get out of the way of their own egos.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Ukraine has a Constitution?

elmer said...

Fair enough, Ern.

But it's not egos. It's oligarchs.

Ukraine's government is still an oligarchy. Each group has its own oligarchs. Serious money through government.

And the oligarchs are cemented into the pig trough of government, and they won't let go.

Government is not really government in Ukraine. It's HUGE business for about 30 oligarchs and their hired servants.

Pirate - let's see, what is the best way to describe Ukraine's Constitution?

It's honored mostly in the breach of it.

But nevertheless they wanted to change it.

What is the best way to deal with an economic crisis in Ukraine?

I know - change the Constitution!

Even though it's never honored.

Most Ukrainians are sick and tired of the "war of all against all" conducted by the sharks in Ukrainian government.

But they can't seem to figure out what to do about it, for a variety of reasons.