Jun 15, 2009

Ukraine: Prostitution Up, Football Investment Down

As Ukraine's unemployment rate soars by 50 percent, one industry is booming: sex.

Sadly, the CSMonitor reports, Ukraine's "sex industry is set to more than double in value, going from $700 million in 2008 to $1.5 billion this year." Hard to say how anyone can put an exact dollar figure on the industry. Still the economic downturn is having a very real impact on the lives of young women.

"My choice was to work as a prostitute or go home," [Tonya] says, glancing around nervously. "I could never have done it but for the circumstances. I don't want to work as a prostitute, but I need to get an education so I can get a decent job."

If that wasn't enough, it looks like Ukraine's preperations for the 2012 European Football Championship are falling dangerously behind schedule. As the BBC reports,"The new Donbass Arena may never host a match in Euro 2012. Not because there is anything wrong with the stadium itself, but because the other infrastructure simply is not there - the airports, the highways and the hotels."

Oddly, graft and corruption are somehow involved.

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