Jun 5, 2009

Literally Rewriting WWII history (Part III)

We want to give a major shout-out to reader Livlivs Maximus who found the original text of an article posted on the Russian Ministry of Defense website, which claims:

“Everyone who without prejudice studied the history of the second world war know that it started because Poland did not want to meet German demands.”
It seems that the Russian Defense Ministry had second thoughts and has since removed the article. But, as we know, nothing is ever erased from the Internet. Thanks to the wonders of Google, and our readers, you can still read it here.

Livlivs Maximus, awesome job. For our eternal thanks, we're happy to grant you 100 Zimbabwean dollars, payable to a Swiss account of your choosing.


jaybird said...

Sigh. Lithuania is always overlooked in Polish history...

Mrta said...

Care to share what is being overlooked in this episode? I didn't realize there was a Lithuanian angle to this interpretation of the start of WWII.

Mrta said...

Thank you Livlivs Maximus! Your multiple-alphabet googling skills are an invaluable contribution to this blog!


Always glad to be your loyal reader!

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