Jun 17, 2009

Green Tycoons: Missing in East Europe

The Times of London has released a list of the top 100 “Greenest Tycoons” in the world. Curiously, not a single person from the former-Soviet Union or Central & Eastern Europe made the list.

Alwasy the over-achievers, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates took the top slots for investments in renewable fuels and wind power (respectively). China’s Jifan Gao, worth a measly $326 million, rounded out the bottom for investments in solar power.

Meanwhile, the likes of Mikhail Prokhorov (Russia’s richest man) apparently have more important things to do with, say, the $9 billion left over from investments in aluminum smelters. Take for example Prokhorov's latest creation: Snob -- the exclusive social-networking site for billionaires.

The Iranians can twitter all they like, Prokhorov has rich people to poke.

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