Jun 4, 2009

Oh Moldova, I forgot you were there...

Remember Moldova? The dubious twitter revolution? Pointing fingers at Romania? The looting?

Here's what's happening now according to the NY Times: President Vladimir Voronin failed in Parliament on Wednesday to secure the election of an ally, Zinaida Greceanii, as his successor. Many believe that her election would have allowed Mr. Voronin to effectively continue running the country. Opposition parties boycotted the vote for Ms. Greceanii, who like Mr. Voronin is a Communist, and her bid for the presidency failed by one vote. The outcome should set off a new general election.

Bets on how long not building a government can go? I believe Ukraine currently holds the record.


Mrta said...

We should develop a little side widget on this site to keep track of these absurdities. We can keep a live count of how many days Ukraine goes with a government, Central Europe goes without energy supplies, etc.

Leopolis said...

Moldova and Ukraine are not that special or absurd. It took the Belgians 196 days to form a government.


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Oh yes, our Belgian friends.

That episode was equally absurd.