Jun 9, 2009

Oh Snap

In today’s WashPost, four rather well-known individuals (including Lev Gudkov of the Levada Center and Lilia Shevtsova at Carnegie Moscow) unleashed a broadside against the administration’s emerging Russia policy. It is chock-a-block with quotes.

“...in blaming the Bush administration for trying to ‘teach’ Russia about democracy, [American] realists appear to accept the official Russian position.” [That means you, D-i-mitri Simes.]

Or this gem:

“In our view, America has ignored the problems of democracy and civil society in Russia, but even turning a blind eye did not prevent the breakdown in the U.S.-Russian relationship -- and now Obama is essentially being asked to treat Russia as though it is incapable of democratic transformation.”
More hand buzzers, anyone? What about reset buttons...rubber chickens maybe?

Lilia Shevtsova has been one of the most underrated political analysts in Russia. That is unfortunate, because it looks like she's also one of the bravest as well. Kudos to the authors.

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