Jun 29, 2009

The Delightful Pleasures of an Open Society

Thanks to rules which prevent foreign governments from influencing U.S. officials with expensive presents, the WashPost has sifted through the State Department's annual list of Gifts from Foreign Officials and found a few real gems. For example, we know that Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko really took a liking to former-Vice President Dick Cheney and his family.

The list of his gifts to the Cheney family are best sung aloud to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas:
…Yushchenko gave to Cheney:

“Six plush stuffed animals” (for his grandkids),
"Three Ukrainian cookbooks,"
“Three girls' blouses,”
“Three boys' shirts,”
"Two bottles of 1940 Massandra Golden Collection Wine,"
And a "wooden toy cart with horses," which the family kept.

We sure hope Cheney brought an extra bag to haul all of that stuff home. Either way, we still think the Ukrainians might want to up their game. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, for example, gave Liz Cheney “three pairs of Dr. Scholl’s high-heeled clogs.” That's all you need to know about King Abdullah, elegant, yet oh so very practical.


Ern said...

I miss the good old days of state gifts like a wild game animal or an ivory ice chest.

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