Jun 12, 2009

United Russia: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Democracy

Sometimes, the lead just speaks for itself.

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia does not need to move toward greater democracy because the financial crisis requires strong leadership, a think-tank close to the ruling party United Russia has said in a report.
That's like saying that Brittney Spears doesn't need lip syncing lessons because her world tour requires too much of her time.

If we followed United Russia's own reasoning to its conclusion, can we assume that Russia actually needed greater democracy while the economy was doing well? But that doesn't make any sense at all, since that was the same period in which United Russia did everything in its power to kill the democratic process.

Taking a hint from the report, we are compelled to offer a few suggestions for future United Russia research topics...

--Putin: World's Greatest Judo Master, or the New Jesus?
--Sochi: Gateway to the future, or Future gateway?
--Beets: the Other Red Meat.


Mrta said...

My vote:

Beets: the other red meat

Come on, can you argue with the innate awesomeness of beets? Sweet, earthy, good in soups, Slavic "salads" as well as western-style salads. They're good pickled, raw, grated, sliced, baked, sauteed...mmm....

The Expatresse said...

Beets: the other red meat.

LMAO. That's great. Can I quote you?