Jan 12, 2010

Tymoshenko's Gauntlet

As the first round of the Ukrainian presidential election approaches, hostility is really starting to come out of the woodwork and smacked Yanukovych in the face. After fellow candidate Viktor Yanukovych refused to join her in a televised debate, current Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko threw out some real fighting words:

"I cannot but take your refusal to hold open honest discussions as other than common cowardice...If you don't think you have the brains and political experience to take part in televised debates, you should admit that you are not ready to lead the country, rule it or represent it in the world."

Oh snap! Yanukovich's reply? 10 paces, pistols, and a meeting at the old oak tree? Too much to hope for.

Instead, he told a crowd that: "Yulia Tymoshenko has begun imitating Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and thinks she will benefit from that " (subtext here "Damn! Why didn't I think to try that). All I can say is if Yulia takes Putin imitation to the next level and begins appearing topless riding a horse bareback while hunting large game I'm not sure Yanukovich can compete with that...it's awful cold out....

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Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

LOL...best laugh of the day. =)