Jan 7, 2010

It sucks to live in Turkmenistan

As you know, I adore rankings, and International Living recently released its 2010 Quality of Life Index. The big winner? France. Try harder Australia (#2). Anyway, how did our region do?

The standout success stories: Hungary made it into the top 20, and Lithuania, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia made the top 30, all beating Sweden (so much for universal health care).

The standout losers: Turkmenistan has the worst quality of life score for our region, but beat out at least 30 other countries like Zimbabwe and Haiti. Kazakhstan only ranked a bit higher. Iran was ranked higher than both.

Stand Outs in the Break Downs
Leisure & Culture: Sweden wins. Moldova is best and Turkmenistan is worst.
Environment: Brunei wins. Latvia is #5 and Turkmenistan is worst.
Freedom: Over 20 countries including Poland, Estonia, Slovenia, and Czech Rep. scored a "100". Turkmenistan scored a "0".
Infrastructure: USA wins (eat it China). Czech Rep. just missed the top 10. Turkmenistan made the bottom 10.
Climate: Zimbabwe wins (they had to win something sometime). Slovenia is best (but not in the top 30) and Kazakhstan is worst. Turkmenistan actually is the best climate out of all of Central Asia.


Victoria said...

Hey, there is really much worthwhile material in this post!

freedom00001 said...

Ohhhh it's really my country is sucks.bery bad life style over there.and u cannot do anything.govrment kills everybody

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck are you to say such things about a country?
But really you can't decide if it's the worst or the best...