Jan 12, 2010

Democracy Has a Price, Literally

What is the price of a democratic and free society? In Ukraine, the answer is: $37-$63.

That’s the going rate for a vote in Ukraine's upcoming presidential election. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, voters now advertize their prices online.
"For sale: my vote in Ukraine's election on Sunday. From 300 to 500 hryvnias ($37-$63). Can gather others who want to sell," said one poster.
Here's another:
"I don't believe in our democracy and so I am selling my vote in the elections. Maybe there will be 10 other votes for sale. The only discussion on price will be upwards."
Since Ukrainian officials regularly buy crowds to show their political muscle, it is only logical that citizens assume votes can be bought and sold as well.

Now the question: is it a protest, or is it a business opportunity?


Canada said...

It worked for Bush and Cheney in Florida, it may work in the Ukraine.

Ern said...

It worked for Bush and Cheney. I wouldn't say it worked out for America...

PetrusDran said...

Bah. You'll just feed our trolls.

Ern said...

I'm just pointing out the flaws in "Canada's" logic.