Jan 11, 2010

"Physically Destroyed"

We weren't the only ones who took notice of President Medvedev's recent remark about "mercicellessly liqudating" rebels in the Caucasus mountains. In fact, Russia Today tried to clarify the statment, but Medvedev would have none of it.
“As far as militants are concerned, our policy remains unchanged. They should be physically destroyed,” said Medvedev.
Haven't we heard this before--?

"A dull-witted people...Believe me, they can't do anything, nor can they learn anything either. Our Kabardians or Chechens might be bums and tramps, but at least they're brave fighters."
From Lermontov's Hero of Our Time (1840), another tale of Russia's efforts to liqudate rebels in the Caucasus mountains. It also happens to be the creepiest Chechen love story of all time. Double bonus.

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Ern said...

You were DEAD on yesterday, P&D. Good work!