Jan 4, 2010

Happy New Year! (And Holy Crap)

Eternal Remont has just returned from a successful expedition to find the mythical Chupacabra, and it looks like the whole region went nuts in the meantime:

1) Russia's space agency announced plans to save the world from a doomsday asteroid, but without Michael Bay as director we're pretty sure this mission is going straight to DVD.

2) Alexander Solzhenitsyn has released a posthumous director’s cut of The First Circle (now called In the First Circle), including a new translation and nine deleted chapters. Spoiler alert: Stalin still wins.

3) Azerbaijani President Ilham If-His-Mustache-Could-Talk Aliyev issued a decree absolving the country’s gas debt to himself. Nice move Aliyev, but we’re ruling by decree now? Meanwhile, Azerbaijan’s parliament has called this the most heroic act of the decade.

4) Somali pirates kidnapped five Bulgarias. Yarr.

5) And Russia may or may not have shut off oil shipments to Belarus. Some Western media are reporting the development. Belarus' state-owned oil company claims that nothing, zip, zero is amiss.

This is going to be one hell of a year.

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