Jan 6, 2010

Slovakia - Apparently Czech Rep. was the brains of the operation

So, according to YahooNews, on Saturday Slovak authorities decided to test security by hiding real bomb parts in the luggage of unwitting passengers en route to Dublin. What could go wrong?

1. Slovak authorities forgot to tell Dublin authorities. It took 3 days to notify Dublin...

2. One man's bomb parts were not detected and made it to Dublin. The man didn't find out about the explosives cache until Irish police raided his inner-city apartment Tuesday morning.

3. Police had been led to believe the man was a terrorist and not a variable in an insane Slovak experiment. A major north Dublin intersection was shut down and neighboring apartment buildings were evacuated as a precaution while Irish Army experts inspected the explosive. The man was released without charge after several hours' detention.

What the hell were you thinking, Slovakia?


Anonymous said...

Too much slivovice?

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

=) Cute.

Anonymous said...

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