Jan 15, 2010

Meet Team Yanukovich

“Together, we have suffered through this Orange nightmare... Let us consign this history to the black pages of our lives.”
--Viktor Yanukovich, the man who could be the next president of Ukraine.


Ern said...

Who took that picture? Blatant Western propaganda taking pictures of the oldest, chubbiest, and least attractive people on the streets. Skewed journalism!

Anonymous said...

Meet the new first lady of Ukraine, circa November 2004:


Her speech said that the OR protesters were high on drugged oranges and that Americans were passing out felt boots to withstand the cold.

Ern said...

I'm just saying, top left of this picture: those young activists could have easily been front and center of the photo.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Talk to the photo editors of the NYTimes.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

And, I'm willing to bet that the fellow in the middle of the picture has a few "black pages" he'd like to consign.

Just a feeling.