Jan 22, 2010

International Lingerie Scandal!

Of course, our region is involved. According to the Sofia Morning News, Bulgarian designer Iskren Lazarov is accusing Beyoncé "Bootylicious" Knowles of plagiarism. He claims the lingerie she wears in her video with Lady Gaga for "Video Phone" is a flat out stolen version of his design which was inspired by Picasso's painting "Girl in a Mirror". Lazarov's design received a Triumph Inspiration Award in May 2009.

Now, there is a trial pending in Munich, Germany. Both parties involved in the dispute - Triumph, the underwear manufacturer, and Sony, the video and music giant, will be represented. Meanwhile, Triumph is preventing "Video Phone" from being played on German music channels... Wow.


Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such themes. I like to read articles like that. BTW add some pics :)

Maya Sulton said...

I think it is not Beyonce's fault for wearing the lingerie. It's the wardrobe management that should be blamed for it. In a production, the artist doesn't choose the outfit that she wears, it is up to the team to provide clothing that would match the theme. Anyway, Beyonce looks sexy as usual. My sister, an avid fan of her. She wears Marie Jo lingerie to look and feel sexy like Beyonce. She also loves to wear Primadonna Bras to push her breasts up which makes her feel more confident in carrying herself.