Jan 12, 2010

Run Nikica, Run!

What happens when Nikica, an 11-year-old hippo at the Montenegro zoo, escapes from her enclosure? Hilarity, of course:
"When I got out from my house to feed my cow, I saw a hippo standing in front of the stall," said villager Nikola Radovic. "I thought I was going mad."
Since the flood waters which facilited her escape have yet to recede, zoo owner Dragan Pejovic has decided to allow Nikica an extended stay in the village.

Let's hope the cows don't mind.

(Big thanks to Igor for sending this along.)


Ern said...

There's a "lazy Montenegrin" joke in there somewhere...

PetrusDran said...

Ahh, forgot about that.

Anonymous said...

oh man dats so cool