Apr 9, 2009

We're arguing over Moldova now? Really?

The Indpendent: Russia gave its backing yesterday to Moldova's President, Vladimir Voronin, when he accused EU and Nato member Romania of backing a coup attempt, and expelled the Romanian ambassador.

So much for the reset button.


Leopolis said...

Russia backs Voronin, Voronin kicks out Romanian envoy ... by simple logic this is seems like another Russia vs. West "conflict."

But where is the argument? The OSCE lauded the Moldova elections (see today's EDM). The US or EU has not backed the opposition because there are only a ragtag group of pissed-off kids burning shit and turning over cars (no one can agree on a cutesy name for the "revolution" yet -- a sure sign that this is not political organization).

For the moment, Moldova is a black swan. Therefore, the initial reactions are instinctual rather than deft geopolitical manoeuvrings.

This card on US and Russia's geopolitical deck is a 10 of spades.

Also, every time there is a glint of a difference of views are we gonna bring up the reset button?

The reset button is START, missile defense, NATO relations. Medvedev-Obama signed an agreement last week to move forward on START.

Goings on in Moldova certainly apply to CFE, but US-Russia relations have retooled themselves for START and WTO entry.

Anonymous said...


in the name of the truth, it worth to say that Voronin asked EU's help but as (surprisingly, sic) EU doesn't want to get it's hands against Moscow - Voronin had no other chance than to ask russian help.

Ern said...

I love the use of "10 of spades," Leopolis.