Apr 3, 2009

I think Russia confused its foreign policy with its population building plans

According to the NY Times, Russia won't pull out of Georgia. Nearly eight months after the war between Russia and Georgia, Russian troops continue to hold Georgian territory that the Kremlin agreed to vacate as part of a formal cease-fire, leaving a basic condition of that agreement unfulfilled. Observers and diplomats say Russia has also used attack helicopters and stationed tanks in areas where none existed before the war.

Georgian officials have made clear that their own ability to get Russia to comply with the agreement is essentially nonexistent. Says Irakli Alasania, who was Georgia’s ambassador to the United Nations during the war but now is in the opposition to Mr. Saakashvili:

The only thing we can do now, and the only thing we can hope for is to prevent another war.

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Stanislav said...

Yes, they should move those tanks out of there, otherwise, how on earth will the US funded Georgians get another chance (3rd in 100 years) to exterminate the Ossessians?