Apr 16, 2009

So just who is the poorest in Europe?

So after a dicussion with some friends who recently returned from Moldova, I'm left with that question. In the various articles following the recent protests in Moldova, writers have repeatedly reminded us where Moldova is, that Chisinau is the capital of Moldova, and that Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. Apparently, this last "fact" has Moldovans a bit peeved.

It seems Moldovans believe they are the second poorest country in Europe. Who do they claim is the poorest? Well, Kosovo. So the question is: is Moldova poorer than Kosovo, or does the New York Times and several other news outlets agree with Serbia and not consider Kosovo to be an independent country?

Saddest competition ever.


Devin said...

Man are you ever right about that-very sad competition! best to all of you!!

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...
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Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

(double post)

Man, ern, gotta say...you are correct.

Nice take on it.

"So...you agree with Serbia?"

5:08 AM

Sublime Oblivion said...

Obviously Moldova wins the honor because Kosovo is a renegade Serbian province, not a country.

Anonymous said...

kosovo a renegade province of serbia? u obviously dont know a lot about kosovo. they deserved their independence and if i may suggest kosovo should be part of albania as it used to be .