Apr 13, 2009

Bring the Weird

Is this really the kind of assistance Ukraine needs?

According to BBC Ukrainian, David Lynch (you know, "Twin Peaks" David Lynch, What the hell is going on in "Lost Highway"? David Lynch) is bringing his foundation to Ukraine. The organization is the David Lynch Foundation For Consciousness-Based Education and Peace. It finances scholarships for students in middle and high schools who are interested in learning the Transcendental Meditation technique. According to Wikipedia, TM is a technique practiced for 20 min 2X a day while sitting with one's eyes closed and repeatng a thought-sound called a mantra. The technique involves neither concentration nor contemplation.

So maybe without concentration or contemplation, Ukrainians will get vaccines, or maybe they will eradicate corruption, or maybe they will actually form a working coalition government. Just to be clear on what my stance is: I HAVE MY DOUBTS.


BabaYaga said...

Haha. Isn't it great when rich celebrities use their money for a good cause?

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

I'd pay good money to see the Orange Revolution re-created with little people talking backwards.

Ern said...

You might be in luck. When interviewed he said he would consider making a film in Ukraine. FINGERS CROSSED!