Apr 13, 2009


According to the NY TIMES, a new sweet action film was released in Russia this month. Well, actually it seems, the NY TIMES is more concerned with the nationalistic sentiments it seems to be inciting. But come on, you can't put all of that on one movie...

Here's the basic plot: Taras Bulba, the 15th-century Cossack immortalized by Nikolai Gogol, disdains peace talks as “womanish” and awes his men with speeches about the Russian soul. When Polish soldiers finally burn him at the stake, he roars out his faith in the Russian czar even as flames lick at his mustache. Before that, he "slices up Polish noblemen like so many cabbages."

Honestly, so what if the Russian Ministry of Culture financed it? So what if it's a blatant attempt to bolster support for Russia and encourage anti-west sentiments in Russia as well as Ukraine? It sounds like an action-packed thrill ride. The world needs more movies about Cossacks, and for that matter, we need more movies about Mongol invasions. I'm talking to you Bodrov.



How two completely different kinds of blog posts can emerge from the same [Post-Soviet] space ....about the same topic

nimh said...
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nimh said...

The world needs more movies about Cossacks.
Hey, it's time to spill the masters' blood,
Time for us to rise up from the mud.
Gorbachov, a simple Cossack man,
By his side we'll free our native land!

Ern said...

I do seriously want more movies about Cossacks. I wasn't kidding. I'd like to see more perspectives on the subject. Cossacks are facinating.