Apr 9, 2009

Saakashvili Has a Masseuse?

I have absolutly no comment on this photo. None. Zero. In fact, I'll just let Saakashvili's masseuse Dorothy Stein explain. She has a blog, you see, and assures us that sometimes a good old presidential "massage" is just a massage.
During the massage ‘Mr. President’ was very witty. I was massaging his massive neck and told him “wow! Your neck is so tense!” and he answered “no kidding, I have RUSSIA sitting on it!."
Russia, and 100,000 Georgians in the streets of Tbilisi calling for his head. Almost forgot that part. Lucky Ms. Stein specilizes in non-traditional massage techniques like "biting her clients backs." Very relaxing.

(Props Igor!)


BabaYaga said...

Apparently she's never bitten him, but still extremely odd

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

The video is TO DIE for.


(Clearly someone is trying to push this story. And we're helping. But if you're Misha, why on earth would you not think how this could look?)

Ern said...


Ern said...

So I keep wanting to post something new, but that sleezy picture is just so darned entertaining. We should include it in the background maybe?

nimh said...

She looks fully equipped to take on any massaging job.

Did you guys read about that Russian guy who jumped out of a fifth-floor window and survived ... twice?

Unfortunately some Redditor does tamp down the fun a bit by pointing out how he's amazed by "how Ananova.com gets these stories .. There's almost always no way to verify them--no other major new outlet reports them." Spoilsport.