Apr 9, 2009


In yet another blow to Medvedev's manhood (and the constitutional office of president), it turns out that Putin not only gets to run the wars, gets the VIP seats at the Olympics, and gets to tell Gazprom when to deliver gas...but he also makes more money than the president.

Newly released public salaries show that Putin's paycheck is 11 percent higher than Medvedev's salary, meaning that Putin earned just $137,000 last year. His assets included "a large plot of land" and a shared parking space in a garage (thanks BBC).

These days, $137,000 won't even allow you to serve drinks at the Moscow Millionaires Fair. But don't feel too bad for Putin. The report declines to mention the $200 million which he received as a "finders fee" for hijacking Yukos into the waiting arms of Rosneft.

Sorry Khordakovsky...care for some gruel?


Ern said...

Does he get revenues from his judo instructional film?

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

I bet it all goes to a Georgian charity.

BabaYaga said...

Yeah, a charity in the Cayman Islands

www.camobel.info said...

It can't really work, I suppose like this.