Apr 15, 2009

Moldova, this is your intervention

Before I get into the article from the NY Times, let me just give have a side conversation with Moldova for a moment. And this is coming from a place of genuine concern and respect for the country. Um, you're going down a dangerous path that leads to probable failure.

When populations break into two such diametrically opposed positions, it welcomes outside influence (East and West alike) that more often than not does not help the country. Please, please, please look at Ukraine. Years after the Orange Revolution, the government is still struggling to stay together and the country still rightly fears losing its autonomy. Not to mention, in the meantime, the government of Ukraine fails to provide its population with basic needs like vaccines. There's my harsh analysis.

So highlights from the article: As the world learned last week, the divisions within Moldovan society are dangerous and deep. In a way, Moldova (the poorest country in Europe) is grappling with the same challenge as Georgia and Ukraine — trying to join the West after decades of Russian influencw (some Moldovans still support unification with Romania). But not everyone is for joining the West, especially the old folks who remember the good old days. Sound familiar?

At newsstands, Russian newspapers refer to last week’s events as a “putsch,” and Romanian newspapers cast them as a revolution. And a couple more of my cents: Nothing is resolved. Nothing will be resolved until the population can agree on a national identity independent of West or East political leanings... Good luck with that.

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