Apr 6, 2009

I Want My [Czech] TV

Not everyone was happy to greet President Obama on his visit to Prague. The missile shield is fast becoming a political hot potato in the Czech Republic. Little noticed, however, are the reasons why many Czechs are opposed to the radar. Russia? Iran? You say...not quite.

When asked why they oppose the radar system, Czechs living near the proposed site were more concerned with the prospect that it would interfere with their television reception.

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nimh said...

That said, the guys in the photo are from the KSCM - that is to say, the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia. Which is arguably the only successor party (to the old regime) in the region that defiantly bucked all attempts to reform or modernize - no "post" or "ex"-communists here. So they probably do have Serious Ideological Objections.