Apr 29, 2009

"Get your hands off my country"

This week, one of Poland’s most renowned concert pianists, Krystian Zimerman, suddenly interrupted a performance in LA to unveil his new calling in life: geo-political commentator.

Oh, and boy does he have a lot to comment about:

"Get your hands off my country," Zimerman told the stunned crowd in a denunciation of US plans to install a missile defense shield on Polish soil. Some people cheered, others yelled at him to shut up and keep playing. A few dozen walked out, some of them shouting obscenities."

To be fair, Zimerman has some reason to be upset. Notes the Guardian, “Shortly after 9/11, his piano was confiscated by customs officials at New York's JFK airport, who thought the glue smelled funny. They subsequently destroyed the instrument.”

Yet somehow, “Get your hands off my piano” doesn’t have the same flair.

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