Apr 27, 2009

Enemy of the State

To steal a line from Gene Hackman in Enemy of the State, Anton Chumachenko is either incredibly smart, or incredibly stupid.

This first time United Russia candidate has "publicly renounced his own victory, expressing disgust that votes had been falsified in his favor." Yeah, he really did it:
"I am sincerely convinced that my colleagues in the party will support my position and make all efforts to make sure that the rule of law prevails," he wrote. "The party's strength lies not in exaggerated percentages of support, but in its ability to stand up for the truth."
Now, this is either one of the most brilliant self-promotion campaigns ever (how else could a 23-year old United Russia small-timer make it onto the front page of the Washington Post) or he's alarmingly naïve. United Russia's only strength lies in the exaggerated appearance of public support...oh yes, and all that violence and prision time for people who do not play by the rules.

Khordokovsky might soon have a bunkmate, or not. See Gene Hackman above.



You see, Eternal Remont stal prinosit' perviye plodi!

I think he is from a category of people who think that by infiltrating the system, you can change it. They join pro-government youth organisations, civil service, through which they think they can rise without corruption, and when they enter office, they'll guard national interests. Bedniye lyudi. All such people should end their road at firing squad, useful idiots. Worse than perpetrators themselves. :))

I see a lot of them also here, around us. What should a student look like? They should be protesters, insurgents, whistleblowers - alas, they all sit and prepare for civil service entrance exams :))

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

"They all sit and prepare for civil service entrance exams."

I wonder if we're watching the birth of a trend, here.