Apr 7, 2009

This ain't no color revolution...

The Guardian: Protesters in Moldova stormed the country's parliament today, smashing windows and hurling tables and chairs out onto the street, in a violent protest against Sunday's elections which saw the ruling communists returned to power.

Anti-communist demonstrators poured into the building and heaped whatever they found onto the street. They set fire to paper, computers, and furniture. A small group also broke into the president's office - as police using tear gas and water canons tried to drive them back.

At least 10,000 protesters gathered outside the parliament building in the capital, Chisinau. The young crowd carried EU, Moldovan and Romanian flags and shouted slogans including: "Down with communism!" "Freedom!" and "We want Europe!" Others demanded the unification of Moldova and Romania.

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Dmitri Minaev said...

Live news from http://unimedia.info/:

"The young people break the cognac bottles from Voronin's office and throw documents out the windows."
"The fire is burning in a few offices from the 1st floor and a few on the above floors. Some chairs are being extracted now outside the House of Parliament."

They were looking for "freedom" and "Europe" in the presidential office, I assume :)