Apr 29, 2009

Ukraine will be safe from Swine Flu!

Measels, mumps, whooping cough, hepatitis B, tuberculosis... those are another story.

But according to Ms. Yulia's blog, the government will approve several measures to protect Ukraine from the spread of the swine flu virus. There have been no cases of swine flu in Ukraine so far. According to Tymoshenko, the Government is taking all the necessary measures to prevent the virus from reaching Ukrainian territory. Special points are being set up at border crossings to examine people with visual signs of the illness. Staff will by confiscating animal and plant products from hand luggage.

Seriously, Ukraine, you have had two measels outbreaks since the turn of the century, and that's with people handing you free vaccines. You're going to worry about swine flu?

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Anonymous said...

Boy! Are you off the mark on your commnents