Apr 20, 2009

Russia Being Cool?

Two stories from the NY Times that just warm your heart.

1. Medvedev has asked that the bill to expand the definition of espionage and state treason — a measure backed by Putin — be revised. What What?!

The bill had prompted a strong outcry in the media and among government critics, and Mr. Medvedev’s request appears to represent a rare example of public opinion influencing policy in Russia, a country with strict controls on free expression of divergent political ideas.

Critics had said that the bill would have needlessly broadened the understanding of actions considered detrimental to Russia’s security and allowed officials to equate any government criticism with state treason.

2. Russia may be putting off its plan to deploy missiles near the Polish border raised. The reports have not been confirmed, but if the speculation is good enough for the New York Times, it's good enough for me to mention here. I mean I speculated last week that by calling Moldova the poorest country in Europe, the NYT was in fact saying Kosovo was not a country. I'm in no position to judge.

In any case, thanks for being cool, Russia, even if it is temporary or not confirmed.


BabaYaga said...

So close and yet so far. Meanwhile, there are reports of Russian troops moving towards the Georgian border and Russia is threatening to cancel military talks with NATO.


Ha Ha! Oil price is down and Russia's coffers is emptied?