Feb 6, 2009

Russia Attacks Coca-Cola

So Putin is a Pepsi-cola fan?

According to the great people at English Russia (a truly awesome blog), there is a new anti-Coca-Cola calendar making the rounds in Russia. Each month has a Soviet inspired anti-coke design and message. The one pictured above says "not a drop," or something close to that.

No mention of what this calendar is trying to achieve. Maybe it's a Pepsi ploy. Maybe it's an anti-America campaign. Maybe the Russians are trying to preempt the child obesity problem we see in America and much of Europe. I don't know. I don't even know who made them. All I know, is I would like to frame some of these images. They're pretty awesome, and the Cyrillic letters actually make sense. I'm looking at you Saks Fifth Avenue.

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