Feb 2, 2009

Russian Protesters: "Trying to Escape from the Asylum"

This weekend, protests against the Kremlin sprouted throughout Russia -- many of which were illegal. In a new twist, however, it seems that everyone has something to say: democracy and human rights groups, communists, retired army officers, and neo-fascists.

While riot police managed to get National Bolshevik party head Eduard Limonov into a van before he could speak, the FT interviewed a journalist at an unrelated rally who said it best:
“I’m like the mental patient in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, trying to escape from the asylum. I know it won’t do anything but I try all the same."
For the record, the only documented escape from a Russian asylum involved nudity, pigs, deals with highly-suspect professors of black magic and a taking cat who was a dead shot with a browining automatic.

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