Feb 11, 2009

The Czech Republic is just a problem solver

So yesterday, we learned that the Czechs are geniuses at dealing with migrant workers. Today, we learn that they also know how take care of sex offenders. It turns out that the Czech Republic surgically castrates sex offenders. 94 prisoners so far are half the man they used to be.

Who could have a problem with that? Turns out, the Council of Europe. Who knew they cared about human rights abuses within the EU? The Council calls the procedure "invasive, irreversible and mutilating." In a report issued last week the Council called the punishment "degrading" and demanded it be scrapped immediately.

The Czech government insists the procedure is a medical issue, permanently reducing testosterone levels to lower an offender's sexual urges. And, even more disturbing, officials say it is only performed at the request of the prisoners themselves.

My thoughts? I hope the Czech EU presidency lasts forever. These entries write themselves.

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