Feb 9, 2009

Putin Brand Miracle Cabbage with Mushrooms

So since you can't have a Barack Burger until 2013, maybe you'd like to try Putin Brand Miracle Cabbage with Mushrooms (shown above). Yes, this new product has just made its way on the shelves at Russian grocery stores. The manufacturers hope that due to the wide-spread support for the Russian PM, the meal would become very popular among consumers.

The canned meal is made in the food processing plant in the city of Astrakhan and is sold mostly in grocery stores in Siberian mining towns.

The author of an article on the subject, published in the Russian daily "Novaya Gazetta", however, seems unimpressed with the new food staple and advises consumers to combine the vegetable mix with vodka "Putinka" (also named after the former Russian President and current PM) so that they would be able to swallow it without noticing its taste. BURN!

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