Feb 3, 2009

Flying Under the Influence

As if flying wasn't scary enough these days. About 100 Aeroflot passengers rebelled against their flightstaff in late December, when the stewardesses and pilot refused to admit that the plane's captain was drunk out of his mind. The first hint for the passengers was their complete inability to understand the pilot's opening announcement, not sure at first if it was truly in Russian, in which he failed three times to say "duration of flight."

Although, the plane's staff refused at first to admit anything was wrong, as one passenger said "I don't think there's anyone in Russia who doesn't know what a drunk person looks like." A compelling point.

Aeroflot officials have announced that the pilot suffered a stroke shortly before the announcement and was not inebriated. However, the fact that 100 passengers, including the famous Ksenia Sobchak, had to rebel in order to stop an incapacitated man from piloting doesn't make me feel much safer.

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