Feb 10, 2009

Bitter Chocolate

We always knew there would be fall out, but the animosity between Russia and Ukraine has gone too far this time. The victim, romance.

In Kiev today, Lilya Mikhailova and Sasha Pushka were disqualified from their school's St. Valentine's day variety show for reciting poetry in "the wrong language." At least two other groups of performers were banned for the same reason. Apparently reciting poetry in the Russian language, even by the celebrated Aleksandr Pushkin, is a real turn off for the Ukrainian authorities. The message is clear. Ukraine wants to protect this extremely culturally significant holiday from impending Russification...Russia, Ukraine will NOT be your valentine.

The slighted Russian Foreign Ministry wondered if Shakespeare had also been crossed off Ukraine's Valentine's Day repertoire, but his dad has season tickets to NATO and the EU, so I think he'll be fine.


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

"The victim, romance."


Ern said...

I know their pain. I was kicked out of a literature class in Ukraine once. Of course it was because my Russian was so bad it insulted the teacher's ears, but basically the same situation.