Feb 6, 2009

Forget Santa, I'm Writing Medvedev

Santa's job is being outsourced to Russian politicians. Remember how that little girl wrote Putin asking for a New Years dress? Apparently, a 13 year old Nastya in Kalitvensky figured that she too could get a free guinea pig by writing to Medvedev.

Unfortunately, the little girls note was not taken in good part by local authorities in the Rostov Region. Not only was she called to the principal's office and told off, she was forced to write a public retraction apologizing for bothering the president. Angered by this treatment, the girls parents wrote another letter to Medvedev complaining about the local authorities mistreatment of their daughter.

Within hours of the second letter being sent, the local authorities were outside the door with two guinea pigs in a cage for Nastya. Hilariously, the local paper also felt sorry for her and bought her a guinea pig. It also turns out that Nastya already had a guinea pig, and just wanted a friend for her furry companion. Now she has four guinea pigs, which I can't understand because they are one of the most annoying animals on the planet. Be careful what you wish for I suppose.


Ern said...

Dear Supreme Leader Medvedev,

I want my debts forgiven and a big ice cream.



palmcop said...

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