Feb 6, 2009

Is Putin an ABBA fan?

Igor writes, I don't know which part of this story is weirder: that Putin listened to ABBA "singing to him from behind a veil at a military-style compound" or the fact that an official spokesman had to deny it.

"I can tell you officially and for sure Vladimir Putin never took part in any concert of the kind. He wasn't there," said Putin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov. But don't tell that to ABBA vocalist Aileen McLaughlin, "It was quite obvious where Mr Putin was sitting," she said, "I got a glimpse of his face in the lights."


Devin said...

Just the title of this post made me want to read it-great blog-best to all of you!

nimh said...

Your picture is scare me.

Anonymous said...

He just has to be an Abba fan - only perfect pop music for Russia's premier!