Feb 10, 2009

Czech Republic Solves the Migrant Issue while Boosting Airline Sales


NY Times: The Czech Republic will offer a free plane ticket and $649 to foreign workers who agree to return home after losing their jobs in the economic downturn, the government said Monday. Interior Minister Ivan Langer said many unemployed foreigners lacked cash to buy a ticket home because they had to pay exorbitant fees or bribes — up to $12,000 — to agencies that secured the jobs for them.

Basically, it is like giving a Kleenex to a man who's been shot in the liver.

I believe the late great George Carlin called it NIMBY disease. NIMBY of course stands for "Not in my back yard." So migrants, if you're going to be poor and unemployed, please leave the Czech Republic's back yard.


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

This is the most hilarious thing you've written in quite some time.

BabaYaga said...

Maybe he also has a cold....

nimh said...

Hmmm .. no doubt it's n unbelievably crass move...

The Dutch government used to have a fancied up version of this program, where they gave "remigrants" several thousands of $$ to help them set up a business in their original home country and the like. It was quickly dubbed the "oprotpremie", or "bugger off premium".

That said, it did allow some elderly manual workers to go back home like they'd always wanted to anyway, with the money to have a good shot there. With children already rooted in Holland etc, it was always just going to be a small group, but still.

This Czech version is more crass still because they're distinctly more cheapskates at that. And still ... I'm pretty sure there are actually migrant workers who will happily take it. Because it's true that many migrants traveled to Europe in the first place through these exploitative agencies that keep them indentured in debt, basically, once they arrive. Which has some of them unable to return home even when they want to.

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