Feb 13, 2009

This is why we should be working together!

If this debris knocks out any important television stations...Let's start cooperating and stop fighting over bases in Central Asia, guys. No one wants to miss Big Love, okay.

YahooNews: Debris from this week's satellite collision could circle Earth for up to 10,000 years, threatening many other satellites in an already-crowded area, Russia's Mission Control chief said Friday.

Vladimir Solovyov said Tuesday's smashup of a derelict Russian military satellite and a working U.S. Iridium commercial satellite occurred some 500 miles (800 kilometers) above Earth — the busiest part of near-Earth space.

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nimh said...

Hey guys, did you ever see (or maybe even already feature, before I started reading you) this video?


It's way old already, in YouTube years, but still a pretty awesome Run DMC/Soviet Army mash-up.