Feb 9, 2009

Voronin's Glory Days get More Glorious

We're starting to suspect that Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin could be a secret Bruce Springsting fan. Certainly, his toes must start to tap whenever the Boss sings about "trying to recapture a little of the, glory of...." (Glory days pictured.)

This conclusion, and not creeping old age, is probably the best explination for why Voronin recently he told pro-Romanian Moldovans to "grow up." Communism, you see, transformed Moldova from a “rural province” of Romania into a modern state with a vibrant culture and economy.

Now, saying that communism transformed Moldovan culture, langage, and identity is like saying that Stalin transformed East Germany, since neither existed before the Red Army got involved. Then again, Voronin is an old man. He might have forgotten how "Moldovans" openly mocked their Soviet-created identity during the communist golden years.

Glory days, yeah goin' back
Glory days, aw he ain't never had
Glory days, glory days...

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