Sep 24, 2008

Blasphemy, Thy Name is Izvestiya

Igor sends us this gem: In one of their usual anti-American rants, this time against Wall Street and the bailout (actually had a few decent points, if not for the tone), Izvestiya correspondent in DC writes the following:

В американском футболе есть такое выражение "Nail Mary pass" . Это непродуманный пас мячом наобум, на авось, а вдруг что-то получится. План Буша весьма напоминает именно такой пас - Nail Mary!

Find the Freudian slip, as they say.


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Ohh! I get it: a "Freudian slip."

Har you play bar mitzvahs?

Ern said...

I should! I could use the extra income.

Anonymous said...

Yes, everyone knows it was her son who was nailed.

Ern said...

Ugh, that's just in poor taste.

Anonymous said...

Chacun a son mal gout!