Sep 22, 2008

Romania and Bulgaria Rank 2nd and 3rd in EU Tax Evasion

The Sofia Weekly: Bulgaria ranks third in the European Union in tax evasion, according to a report prepared by Associazione Contribuenti Italiani and the Klrs Network of Business Ethics. The grand total sum of the tax evasion frauds in Bulgaria amounts to 18% of the country's GDP, according to the research, Pronto Sofia reported.

Italy is ranked first - the sum of the evaded taxes there is believed to amount to 23% of its Gross Domestic Product. Romania is a close second with 18%. The EU members with the lowest levels of tax evasion are the UK (6% of its GDP), Belgium (5%), and Sweden (3%).

A gentle reminder to Italy, Romania, and Bulgaria: Why do we pay these taxes? There are many services offered to citizens that could not be managed effectively
under any other system. The government uses your tax dollars to support health care, national defense, and social services. Pay up!

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