Sep 16, 2008

Gen. Clark and his Blackberry

Eternal Remont ran into Gen. Wes Clark at the T-Mobile store on K Street. The man looks very well preserved, a portrait of Dorian Gray. However, just like other mortals, he had blackberry problems and was waiting for a fix.

To fill the time, he chatted with the T-Mobile security guard about his first high school job (manually drawing stock charts with a #2 pencil). After fifteen minutes, the guard stops him and asks, "Your voice sounds familiar, I know you from somewhere..." Clark pauses for a beat and says in resignation, "Well, I ran for President."

Gen. Wesley K. Clark: Supreme Allied Commander of the European Theater, liberator of Kosovo, bane of the Serbs, and just another guy in the line at T-Mobile who "ran for president."

God bless you Gen. Clark.


Ern said...

God I would LOVE to remembered as the "bane" of an entire nation of people. Let's work on that.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

I'm sure Karadzic has a dart board with Clark's poster on it.