Sep 26, 2008

Russian-Less Vodka Party

For those of you in the DC crowd who sided with Georgia in the August conflict, there's an event for you. Here's the actual invitation from, Club BV*, The Georgian Wine House, the America-Georgia Council, and The Carlyle Club:

"On August 6, Russia Invades and Bombs the Democratic Republic of Georgia. We don’t like that.

October 1, 6 - 10

$5 Russian-Less Vodka Martinis and Cosmos

$3 Georgian Teliani Wine

$5 Cha Chas

A Party in Support of The Republic of Georgia

The Carlyle Club
411 John Carlyle Street
(up Duke St near Whole Foods)"

I myself will not be in attendance. I don't feel strongly about much of anything to deny myself Russian vodka and to choke down cheap Georgian wine. Sorry, Georgia.

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